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Need a result-driven service than just a quick fix for your failing marketing strategy? Then Tinysol IT Solutions is at your service. We use modern tools to explore digital sweet spots and work creatively to fill the gaps in your sales funnel. Powered by the hunger for digital growth, we as a digital agency or an IT solutions agency have helped several businesses in their marketing endeavors.

We are a leading IT solutions company website based in Sydney, Australia that has consistently delivered high ROI to its clients. Tinysol is a unique and sweet digital agency that serves businesses of all types and sizes to reach their organizational goals. We help you build your reputation online and generate sales through marketing strategies tailored to your online business model.

With a holistic approach, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to growth hacking your business and startups. We use innovative tactics for brand awareness, online reputation management, web designs, app development, and top-notch advertising and promotion campaigns. And with our proven marketing techniques, you will get more eyes on your brand and skyrocket your business growth.

Starting from creative and interactive website designs to SEO and SMM, we present your business and managed services to every nook and cranny of the internet-based ecosystem. And one of Australia’s leading IT solutions websites, Tinysol ensures an impactful online presence bridging all the gaps between your business and targeted customers.

What are the Key Benefits of Outsourcing to a Digital Agency?

A vast majority of businesses are outsourcing their digital marketing support services. Do you know what’s the reason behind it and how it benefits? With the help of outsourcing our digital marketing agency services, your business growth will go to the next level. For Sure!

Because the branding of every small business is a vital priority. And it’s very difficult to find such a trustworthy place where your business name converts into a brand in less time except for digital marketing and its support team.

Now if you think that your business needs more effort for generating revenue than in your previous years or in your current situation. But if you don’t have time for any extra activity, in that case, you need to hire a reputed Digital Marketing Agency like Tinysol. Their latest technology and experienced support team put their efforts to give you generic results at a reasonable time.

Digital Agency Outsourcing Trends and Benefits

Consistency is one of the vital keys to a successful digital marketing company. The main reason, of course, is that marketers or experts are not machines, they are common people and people need to take breaks. When staff is sick or on leave, or when a massive, all-hands-on-deck internal event throws everything else off track, marketing suffers.

Opting to use an award-winning digital agency like Tinysol means that you never have to worry about staff leave or gaps in delivery. Instead of facilitating up with a payroll for one individual, you will be paying a team of experts in digital marketing who will research, create, and implement marketing strategies that work.

Exploring what boosts your site visitors and understanding what to optimize for your business to grow might be not clear to see. Employing an outsourced marketing expert can give you a new perspective on how to approach your marketing today.

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Uplifting Business with Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing

To help people to uplift their business, we run effective digital marketing campaigns that reaches right audiences.


Since being ranked high on search engines helps to grow your business, we here can get you to the top.

Social Media

To help people to uplift their business, we run effective digital marketing campaigns that reaches right audiences.


Since being ranked high on search engines helps to grow your business, we here can get you to the top.

Content Writing

To help you skyrocket your business, we develop effective content marketing strategy and write unplagiarized content.

Web Development

To increase brand awareness & promote sales, we design & develop interactive, effective & secure websites.

Web Design

To help you skyrocket your business, we develop effective content marketing strategy and write unplagiarized content.

Mobile App Development

We design and develop apps for iPhones, Android phones, iPads, & Tablets focusing on UX, UI & security.

Graphic Design

From logos to posters, we design all sorts of images that lures customers towards your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion.

Digital marketing means the awareness, promotion, and advertisement of business, brand, and products/services using digital platforms and digital devices to reach the audiences. It involves advertisements through phone calls, SMS, MMS, and TV promotions as well. However, with the rapid internet outreach, increment in the use of smart devices, and the establishment of several online platforms and social media, internet-based marketing is delivering promising results. So oftentimes online marketing is referred to and practiced as digital marketing.

Traditional marketing includes all the conventional marketing methods, which involve offline advertising and promotions. It mostly includes advertisements through print media (magazines, newspapers), direct mail (catalogs, postcards), billboards, and flyers. But with internet-based marketing on the rise, marketing through TV, Radio, and telephone marketing (calls, SMS, MMS) are also considered traditional marketing. The following are some of the major differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

  • Medium: The marketing medium is different in each of them. In digital marketing, we use marketing channels like social media and search engines to promote business, brand, products, and services. Traditional marketing, however, uses print and broadcasting mediums.
  • Audience Targeting: Traditional marketing does not offer options for targeting customers. So the promotion can reach audiences of age group, gender, nationality, and interest different than we intended to promote. Digital marketing, on the other hand, allows precise audience targeting due to which the promotion can bring impactful results and high ROI.
  • Control: Immediate changes, alterations, and Ad optimization are not usually possible with traditional marketing. But digital marketing offers more control and options for optimization.
  • Impactful: Television, radio, and newspapers have been our lifestyle. Despite the widespread use of internet-enabled smart devices, many people still rely on these platforms for information and entertainment. And since promotions blend well in the content and are usually immersive, traditional marketing usually creates a long-lasting impression amongst customers and helps easy brand recognition. Most of the time, digital ads are intrusive and often ignored.
  • Customer Engagement and Interaction: Digital marketing incorporates easy options for audiences to interact with the ads and the business itself. With like, dislikes, shares, follows, comments, and subscriptions, visitors can directly express themselves about the business and its services. Such privileges are not available with traditional marketing.
  • Measurable: The impact of advertisements on sales and conversions can be difficult and sometimes impossible with traditional marketing. However, digital marketing provides an easy solution to track traffic, sales, conversions, user engagements, etc. The calculation of ROI is also easier with digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves using internet-based platforms and digital tools to reach the targeted audience. The main objective of digital marketing is to create brand awareness, online reputation management, and promoting products/services. However, in the online world, users are not usually concentrated in one place. So the first step of digital marketing is all about finding the platforms, where the targeted users spend their maximum time and can potentially bring high ROI. So the digital marketing services or its branches involves the following:

  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Digital marketing is the most powerful and most impactful way of marketing. So no matter the size of your business, digital marketing can benefit you and your business in several ways. You can hire a dependable IT solutions website like Tinysol in a jiffy to analyse your website and run ad campaigns ultimately leading to higher ROIs. While running advertisements, digital marketing allows precise audience targeting with myriads of filtering options on audience demographics. It helps to reduce advertising costs and increases conversion rates. And this ultimately contributes to a higher return on investment (ROI).

While running an organization, managing goodwill and reputation is equally important. And digital marketing allows easy tracking of customer interaction and getting user reviews. Organizations can use these metrics and carry out needful tasks to build brand reputation and gain users’ trust. In fact, brand awareness and reputation management can be more effective through digital marketing compared to traditional marketing.

Furthermore, it’s easier to identify competitors in the digital marketing world. With digital marketing, website and brand performance can also be tracked with various analytical data. Taking note of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges, businesses can devise a new plan in their marketing strategy. With such benefits, digital marketing allows businesses to grow and thrive in several different ways. With the right strategy in hand, it helps your business outperform even the big players in the industry.

Digital platforms and online communities are expanding at an unprecedented rate. And so do the internet users. With a large audience to cater to, digital marketing is indeed an amazing way of getting your business noticed and promoting products. But that’s not the only reason why online marketing is getting so tremendously popular. Digital marketing services offered by IT solutions websites like Tinysol has plenty of advantages and some of it is mentioned below:

  • Digital marketing helps companies grow and thrive without spending a fortune: Unlike traditional marketing, you won’t need big budgets to run digital marketing campaigns to compete against the big players. Even startups and beginners don’t have to break a bank for brand awareness and product promotion. You can run ads from $5 to a limitless budget based on the capital you have. And this kind of flexibility is not available with traditional marketing.
  • Help reach a bigger audience: Cost constraints indeed limit the traditional marketing efforts. But more to that, it limits exposure and audience reach. Ads in a local newspaper and a TV won’t be seen in other parts of the country. However, with digital marketing, you can target locally or globally as per the business needs. Switching between them is also easy and hassle-free.
  • Precise targeting: It allows precise selection of the audiences. Marketers can specifically target audiences of the desired age group, gender, country, and various interest groups. It also incorporates a remarketing feature with which marketers can precisely target the visitors, who previously have interacted with the business.
  • Easy to measure, improve, and get better results: The marketing efforts and the result brought by it are measurable in digital marketing. The marketing plans can also be fine-tuned or changed completely to achieve the goals. This level of control and flexibility makes digital marketing the supreme of marketing types.
  • Enables easy and swift customer interaction: Incorporating call-to-action buttons, marketers can encourage customer interaction. This allows concerned parties to address customers’ queries and feedback swiftly. Because of this feature, it doesn’t take much time to see results from the digital marketing campaigns.


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