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Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. It is also best known for offering relevant results to the searchers. But even with the compelling content and good on-page SEO, you may not always appear on the first page of Google. Sometimes you may fail to rank at all.

The internet is flooded with billions of websites so the competition is pretty stiff. But that doesn’t mean you will have to leave your website buried on the internet. You can actually use the PPC advertising model to summon your targeted audience to your website. 

In that context, Google AdWords is the best way to run a Search Engine Marketing campaign. Being a good source of quality traffic and a hub for maximum web visitors, it can actually bring you an upsurge in traffic. 

However, running a Google Adwords campaign and optimizing it is a complicated process.  But you don’t have to take the hard road. As a Google Adwords Management Agency, Tinysol can help you reach your business objectives at a nominal price in the minimum time possible.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords, currently known as Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform. In this advertising platform, advertisers have to pay a certain sum of money to get their ads to appear on Google’s SERPs for the targeted keywords. However, advertisers will have to pay for the ads only when the users click on them.

Google is a hub when it comes to web searches. Out of 4, three people rely on Google to get answers for their search queries. So it’s a convenient spot to reach the target audience. And with this Search Engine Marketing model, businesses can cater to their audiences, which they were failing to reach organically.

SEO may deliver consistent traffic to your website but it may not always be many. The reach is limited and may not always reach your target audience. And that can make you deprived of sales and conversions. 

But with Google Ads, you can reach a broader audience in your niche. This gives your eCommerce business more exposure in Google, which can bring in better and more quality traffic to your website. So if you have bulk products in your inventory, it can give the products a proper outflow.

And to help you promote your eCommerce businesses, Google offers Shopping Ads. Unlike normal text ads, Google’s Shopping Ads Campaign utilizes images to promote the product. The visual input is eye-catching and advertisers can get attention for their products. Alongside the picture, the ad includes the price too. 

So with the price and the picture, visitors will have a better understanding of the product. And they are more likely to click the ads and order the product if the quality is appreciable for the price.

Since Google Shopping Ads has the highest CTR and highest conversion rate, you can achieve an outbreak in sales and conversion if you do it right.

In Google, branded searches are more popular when it comes to products. So with Google Ads, you can also create a brand and increase brand awareness. 

Unlike traditional marketing, Google Ads offers a good amount of control to advertisers. In the seasonal sales period, advertisers can set a high budget to get more product clicks. That means you will have full control of the advertising budget, target audience, advertising period based on the type and size of inventory you have.

Because of the product appearance, control on the Ad campaign, and a good track-record of CTR and conversions, eCommerce businesses can benefit greatly from Google Ads.

Google Adwords

Why Tinysol to Assist Google Ads for Your Business?

Tinysol IT Solutions is a Google Ads Management Agency that you can rely on. No matter how big or small an organization you have, we will present it in the mass of niche audiences. Creating a brand for your business, we will give the audiences a bigger and better picture of your business and its products/services.

The key to success in Google Ads lies in finding the right set of keywords, targeting the niche audience, and Ad delivery. With a lucid understanding of your business, Tinysol will create a Google Ads campaign that escalates your business. Using the different combination of Ad types, we will amplify your brand visibility and ensure soaring web traffic.

Google Adwords

Guide to maximize your google ads ROI

A report from 2018 showed that the average conversion in Google Adwords is 2.7% on the search network and 0.89% on the display network across all industries. Not all industries can survive and grow at that rate. For businesses and companies to thrive, they require high returns on the amount spent on the ads. And that’s where Tinysol can come in handy.

Tinysol possesses the dedication to drive the highest ROI for every penny you spend on your ad campaign. By pinpointing the target to the niche audiences, optimizing the landing page, and improving the quality score, we summon only the genuine customers to your website. And by incorporating several CTR and conversion rate optimization techniques, we will deliver maximized earnings.

Google Adwords

ROI Before Clicks and Impression Share

If they fail to bring you conversion, all the clicks and impressions you get on your Google Ads campaigns are trivial. What concerns the businesses most is the returns on their ad spent. And Tinysol IT Solutions is an expert when it comes to delivering high ROAS.

As a boutique digital marketing agency and Google Ad expert, we devise a customized Adwords campaign that suits your business size and niche. By targeting the untapped keywords and untapped audiences, we help you outshine the competition. And optimizing the landing page quality, we will lower the CPC rate and flood your website with conversions.

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In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion.

One of the industries that require advertisements through Google Ads is eCommerce businesses. To maintain a proper product outflow and to let users know about the arrival of new products, Google Ads would be a handy platform.  

However, there are a few things to keep in mind while using Google Adwords for your eCommerce business. To get the best results from your Google Ads campaign, you will need to focus on the following things:

Use Conversion Tracking

The target audience and target keywords selection while running a new ad campaign may not always bring you the best results. Some keywords will just devour the PPC budget failing to bring any significant conversions. 

So to measure the effectiveness of ad delivery and the campaign performance, conversion tracking is absolutely necessary. With the information received from the conversion tracking, you can fine-tune your campaign. 

Sometimes, all it requires is a little tweak on the target audience and target keywords can play a big role in the conversions.In the text ads, you may want to revise the ad title and description. In shopping ads, changing the images can make your ad more engaging.

Optimize your keywords

These are words for which you want to appear on the search engine result pages. So missing out on niche-specific keywords can affect your ad performance. 

Similarly, the use of generic and non-specific keywords can empty your ad budget. And that kind of scenario comes more often while running Google Ads campaigns for eCommerce websites.

So to run a Google Ads campaign that counts, you will need to monitor and optimize the keywords regularly.

Use Google Shopping Ads for your Ecommerce Business

While purchasing products online, the first thing the user checks is the product image and price. The image gives more ideas about the product. And since everything boils down to the price, users’ ultimate buying decision depends on it.

Nd Google Text Ads does not provide these kinds of information. So for that, you can use Google Shopping Ads, which gives your product more exposure. Shopping Ads are also highly likely to bring quality traffic and conversions to your Ecommerce website. Traffic from Google Shopping Ads also usually ensures lower bounce rates.

Google and its partner websites get a ton of traffic every day. And there can be a decent chunk of users looking for businesses similar to yours. And Google Ads can be really useful for generating brand awareness by catering to those audiences. 

To generate brand awareness, Google’s Display Network would be a wonderful platform. Giving the visual input to the targeted audiences, you can make a strong impression on them. And that’s already a compelling way of making the business recognizable. On top of that, you can also get clicks to your website at a cheaper price. 

To maximize the eyeballs on your business, Google Search Network is equally impressive. Appearing on the search results consistently increases brand recognition, which can come in handy while promoting the products, services, and events later on.

Both the advertising networks are important for brand promotion in their own ways. And to make your brand name visible and recognizable, you want to take benefits from both these platforms. But there is a thing to keep in mind. Whichever platform you choose, you won’t be able to measure brand awareness generated through your ad campaign.

Google Ads shows analytical data like impression, clicks, bounce rate, and conversion. But brand awareness is immeasurable.

Google Ads consists of different ad types. And Google has carefully engineered each of them to deliver the best results for all kinds of industries. Even for the eCommerce businesses, there are some specially-designed in addition to some regular ad types.

Shopping Ads

People usually visit eCommerce websites to shop online. So if you advertise your products through Google Shopping Ads, it targets the users who have visited Google with a buying intent. Unlike other types of ads, you will need to set up the Google Merchant Center to start your promotion through Google Shopping Ads.

Based on the product information submitted in the Merchant Center data feed, Google displays the ad to the people who are looking for the products you advertise. Just like others, this ad also allows you to customize your ad content, set a pricing comfort for you, and set the budget. However, this kind of ad doesn’t allow advertisers to target the keywords manually.

Remarketing Ads

While running an ad campaign, there comes several instants when clicks your ads and leaves your website without purchasing any product. With remarketing ads, you can specifically target such users and create an environment to purchase your product.

Because of the previous interaction with your website, there will be a certain level of brand recognition. And with the product information received from earlier visits, users are likely to make a purchase. However, to encourage sales and conversion, you will also need to deliver quality products at a reasonable price.

Search Ads

Search Ads are the types of ads, which display your website on Google SERPs like a regular ad. So if you are willing to advertise an entire category of products, this kind of ad can come in handy. 

You will have better control and flexibility with this kind of ad. You can specifically select the target audience and target keywords for which you want to rank. And with a well-optimized Ad Title and Meta Description, you can bring an incredible amount of traffic to your eCommerce website.

Video Ads (YouTube Ads)

Not every web visitor will click on websites and read the content on it. In order to cater to such users, videos can be the best option. 

Google is home to billions of videos. And there is a huge chunk of people spending hours on YouTube watching videos for information, educational purposes, and entertainment. And when you slip your video ads on these kinds of videos, people will be aware about your business and products.

Through the YouTube Video Ads, you can increase long-lasting impressions, generate brand awareness, and promote your products all at once. So this can be another great place to advertise your Ecommerce Website.

Display Ads

Millions of websites over the internet have partnered with Google to show Google’s Display Ads on its website at a designated position. You can take that as an opportunity and present your business or products for the promotion.

As the name implies, these kinds of ads appear in the visual form. So you will need to provide images or Gifs, whichever you think will generate sales.

Universal App Campaign

App offers an easy and convenient way to connect customers with the business. So these days, eCommerce businesses condense their eCommerce website into an app to make things easier for the customers. 

If you have an app like that, you can promote your app through Google’s Universal App Campaign. These kinds of ads appear in Search, Display, and Video Network, which can guarantee high visibility.

Every Google Ads type has its own share of advantages. And based on your purpose, each of them can be equally important. But Google Shopping Ads has to be the most effective of all.

Google Shopping Ads displays your products with an image and the price. And if the price of the product is competitive or disruptive, you can receive a tremendous amount of sales. And if you couldn’t make them buy your product on your first go, you can run a remarketing campaign.

To promote the category page or a large group of products at once, Google’s Search Ads would be quite useful. With a lot of products on a single page, there are higher chances of getting a conversion from one among the many.

If you want more brand awareness and cheaper ad clicks, Video and Display Ads can be more useful. With an engaging video/image, you can summon the audiences to your website and showcase your products.

Likewise, if you are willing to increase the app installations and app users, running the Universal App Campaign will offer better benefits.

Tinysol IT Solutions is a Google Ads Management Agency that loves helping businesses grow and thrive through Google Ads. So we offer impact Google AdWords management services at the most affordable price.

In addition to providing the services, we also answer your Google Adwords queries with the best of our knowledge. If you are interested in our service or have any questions to ask, you can give us a call or fill-up the form in our contact us page. We will be happy to give you a consultation and will guide you through every nook and crannies of Google AdWords.

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