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“Good words are worth much, and cost little.” There is undoubtedly an incredible power in words. Even in the digital marketing world, it’s important cannot be out ruled. That’s why it’s often said the Content is the king.

Good content is liked by all and appreciated by many. It also encourages people to take action. However, content works well when it’s used in a proper context and amongst the interest groups. Without a proper context and in the wrong group of people, it can be nothing more than jargon.

The key to success in digital marketing is identifying the right group of people and delivering them the most compelling content. And that technique is known as content marketing. But a content marketing campaign can only succeed if there are a well-thought strategy and clever execution.

To help you in that part, Tinysol has been here for quite a while now as Sydney’s leading marketing strategy agency. There are plenty of content creation agencies Australia has to offer, but we are one of the leading content marketing services in Australia and have helped several companies in their content marketing endeavour through strategy development to content creation.

We help you achieve your business and accelerate your business growth through result-driven and engaging content. Be it content for websites, email campaigns, social media channels, or paid channels, we only have success stories to tell.

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Content writing involves planning, writing, editing, and publishing great content for marketing over the internet. Writing for web pages (blogs and articles), social media posts, marketing campaigns, podcasts, and video scripts all falls under content writing.

Good content is always centered around a goal. And before writing content, a well-thought plan is made by defining goals and focusing on delivery and topics to cover. That tactic of creating a blueprint for the content is known as a content strategy or content writing strategy.

In the marketing world, content reigns supreme. The adage “Content is King” is also quite popular in the marketing arena. Your content speakers on your behalf and answers all your audiences’ queries

The content also helps to convince your audiences whether they should be buying your products and getting your services. So content marketing is really important. Following are some important benefits of content marketing and why you should do it more often to grow your business.

Builds Brand Awareness and Increases Audience Retention

Good content is liked by all. If you have quality content, your brand, products, and services can get all the attention you need. With great content, you can build trust with your customers

Based on the content you present, the customers start to develop an opinion regarding your brand. If the content is informative, engaging, and valuable, it creates a positive impression on the users. And that way, you can generate brand awareness and build users’ trust in the brand.

If you have been consistently delivering quality content, users will visit your website frequently. And that can help you in audience retention as well.

Helps Build Links

Quality content with comprehensive information answers most of the users’ queries. And if there is full-fledged coverage on the topic, it might even help the web publishers. Such web publishers can link to your site if there are web pages covering the same or similar topics.

A backlink is an important search engine ranking factor. So it can help your website to rank higher in the search engines. Backlinks also help gain users’ trust in your brand if it’s from renowned websites.

Great For Digital Marketing Solutions

Every digital marketing solution relies on content. SEO is mostly about writing quality content with targeted keywords in them. In Social Media Marketing, images, videos, and texts are used, which are all a form of content. And these kinds of content help you promote your products and services.

Even while performing email marketing and sending a newsletter, the content is essential. It can turn a random subscriber into a lead. So content marketing is that amazing tool that helps to bridge your business with the targeted digital audiences.

As long as your content is relevant, it remains evergreen. With search engine updates and algorithm changes, the page rank doesn’t change drastically.

Educate Your Audience

Well-written content can be a good source of information. And using the power of words, you can educate your audience through content marketing.

If you run a business and have products and services to sell, you can mention its salient features and how it stands out from the rest. That can help you earn leads and conversions. If your content is true and resourceful, audiences can frequently visit you to get maximum insight on the niche topics. So content marketing helps you gain loyal and retentive audiences as well. 

Generate Leads For Your Business

Content is a magnet that attracts leads for your business. Since business needs lead to generating revenue, content marketing is always considered of the highest importance in digital marketing. 

Content marketing helps you connect your business with the target audience. Through content, you can get their attention and summon them to your business.

Before buying a product, people usually scour over the internet to gain the maximum info about it possible. If you happen to include all the details precisely and clearly, users will cling to your website and buy the product from you.

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Generate more Leads and Awareness with Powerful Content: Content Marketing Solutions

Content is the key when it comes to delivering information or conveying messages. And it can be in any form: Blog posts, Ebooks, Case studies, Templates, Infographics, Videos, or Podcasts.

No matter the type of content you publish, it will only bring results if it resonates with the customers. And that’s where Tinysol IT Solutions can come in handy. We have a team of professional writers creating content for different niches.

Based on your organizational goals, we will create a content marketing strategy that gives traction to your business. And through engaging content and compelling CTAs, we will help you generate leads and your brand awareness.

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Create Stories that Captures Your Audience With Leading Digital Content Marketing Agency

The most important part of content marketing is to connect with audiences. But that’s the part where most marketers fail. Marketers usually go aggressively for brand promotion and product advertisements usually fail to give what users want.

If you have quality content that resonates with your targeted audience, they can barely ignore it. So we make content that users can relate to. With stories and illustrations, we give comprehensive information on what they are looking for.

With compelling and relatable stories, we highlight your brand, products, and services. And such kinds of stories are usually a lead magnet. With a thorough and on-time delivery, we will bring your brand into the limelight.

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In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion.

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. And there are many ways how content marketing can help you improve your SEO. Following are some of the ways how content marketing and SEO work together.

Helps you rank for your targeted keywords

Content is one of the most important search engine ranking factors. Through content, search engines get the gist of the web pages and rank them accordingly. 

If you’ve built content on a topic including keywords relevant to it, it helps you rank for the keywords you targeted. And with more content, you can target keywords.

Search Engines prefer longer content

Several case studies have shown that the pages that rank higher in search engines usually have the longest content. So with long content, you can indeed target more keywords. At the same time, you can rank better. 

However, long content is not the sole factor to get you to rank well. It should be informative and detailed as well. Otherwise, such content can just waste your readers’ time. So writing comprehensive content incorporating all the answers users would seek for that specific topic.

Helps your audiences stick to your website

If a web page fails to answer the users’ queries, users will exit the web page right away and search for the information on other websites. Such a kind of user behavior is called a bounce. If the bounce rate of a website is high, it negatively affects SEO. 

But with long and informative content, users tend to stick to the page and spend more time on it. If users spend more time on your web pages, search engines understand the web pages relevant to the keywords. And that results in better search engine visibility and higher search engine rankings. 

Unique content helps you achieve new rankings

Content is the focal point for search engines to rank the web pages in SERPs. And if you have unique content on a topic, which is not covered by other websites on the internet, it can help you unlock new keywords. 

You don’t have to face competition for such keywords. And that content can help you get on the top globally for the targeted keywords. 

Creates user engagement and generate leads and sales

Content is that magic genie that can help your website visitor into a lead. While promoting a product, if your content includes all of its information outlining its benefits, users are likely to be interested in it. And if they are a genuine customer seriously looking to buy it, they will buy it from you right away.

Many successful companies give credit to content marketing for their growth. That sounds plausible as content marketing is important for business in a number of ways. However, it requires a well-thought content marketing strategy and clever execution to get success through it. Here’s how you can use content marketing to grow your business. 

Develop a content marketing strategy

Without a strategy, content marketing campaigns can be directionless. So if you want your content marketing campaigns to work and deliver benefits, you’ll need to develop a strategy first.

The first stop of building a content strategy involves setting a goal. In the content marketing strategy, it’s also essential to identify the target audience. Based on these audiences, keyword research needs to be carried out. And by outlining the content delivery tactics and the allocation of resources, build a well-thought strategy.

Create content

This is obviously the most important part. Since you now have a full-fledged strategy defining the goals, target audiences, and keywords, it might make things quite easier. 

But while writing the content, always make it simpler, clear, and to the point including maximum details possible. The content creation team should make the content user-friendly rather than doing it blatantly for search engines. 

The content should also be engaging and persuasive enough to convince your website visitors to get your products or services. 

Promote to your target market

Once you are done writing elaborate yet user-friendly content, now it’s time to take it out and promote it. This content will help you bridge your target audience to your website. So in your promotional campaign, including all the channels, can help you reach your audiences. To amplify your visibility, you can use the following platforms:

  • Organic Social Media Posts
  • Paid Social Media Posts
  • Email Marketing and Newsletters
  • Influencers 

Analyze your progress

With clear measurements, it’s hard to estimate success. So to measure the outcome from your content marketing efforts, you need to check marketing insights and analytics. Based on your marketing channels, the measuring metrics can vary. 

On the website, you can check the performance through pageviews, Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate, and Exit Rate. In social media, there are different metrics to keep an eye on. To measure your success over there, the number of Impressions, Clicks, Comments, Landing Page Views, and Cost Per Landing Page View can come in handy.

 As for the email marketing campaigns, your campaign can be considered successful if it has a high Open Rate and Click-Through Rate with a low Unsubscribe Rate. With this information, you can fine-tune your campaign to generate the best result for your business.

Content is no less than a magnet when it comes to attracting leads. However, it requires an effective lead generation strategy to lure your audiences through content. And here are some important ways on how you can generate leads through content marketing.

Quality Content That Goes Well With Your Target Audience

Content is no good if it neither interests nor excites your target audience. So your content should always focus on answering the questions, your target audiences ask or normally wonder about. 

High-quality content always focuses on adding value to the brand and its products doing all the needfuls to get your audience’s attention. And for that, you’ll need to identify your target audience and study their behavior. 

Pair Your Content With Compelling CTAs

If you want to take your visitors through the sales funnel, you will also need to pair your content with compelling CTAs. If a website has awesome content and delivers the information lucidly, users tend to cling to such websites and look for more things it has to offer. And through compelling CTAs, you can bring them in the path of conversion.

Clear And Compelling Landing Pages

Content is like a door that opens the door for your audiences to reach the landing pages. If you have quality content, you can lure visitors to your website. But if the landing page is not compelling enough for them, they will exit your website right away. 

Unnecessary pop-ups, slow loading speed, blatant design, and lack of information can turn the users off. So getting leads from them can be rather far-fetched. 

It’s always wise to incorporate a user-friendly user interface that goes well with your target audience. Also, your landing page should never be short of information users particularly look for on that topic. Additionally, the language and content readability score should be suitable for a user’s persona.

Communicate And Give More Information

Sometimes, the content on the landing pages may not always be sufficient for the users. After all, different users have different queries in their heads. And to answer such queries and to continuously keep in touch with them, you need to communicate more often.

The inclusion of chat boxes on the website can be helpful in most scenarios. However, when the user exits your website, it might be hard or even impossible to get back to them. So to connect with them, you can make them sign up for your newsletter. And with compelling emails, you can not just connect with your users but can also turn them into a lead.

A plan or a strategic approach to attracting and retaining targeted audiences by publishing and disseminating valuable, relevant, and consistent content and drive profitable actions from them is called a content marketing strategy. 

Since it would be your blueprint to carry out content marketing deeds in the execution phase, there are several things you need to consider while developing a content marketing strategy. And some of them are as follows:

Define Your Goal

If you want to achieve big from your content marketing campaigns, you need to define your goals. Without a goal, your marketing campaigns can be directionless. At the same time, the results will also be immeasurable. 

Identify Your Target Audience And Study Their Behavior

Once you set up your goal, it’s now time to define your audience. Who would love to consume your content? How would your content help them? And how would you like them to interact with your business?

Based on these questions, you’ll need to create your audiences’ persona. A Customer persona or buyers avatar describes your ideal customers, who would actually be interested in your content and likely to interact. Understand their behavior motivators and outline the ways you can gain their interest.

Run A Content Audit

If your online presence is not new, you may have plenty of content over the internet. Run a content audit to review the performance of your marketing efforts. Understanding, which content performed better and which didn’t work at all, you can discover what goes well with your audiences.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

With a clear understanding of your customers’ persona and what goes well with them, now it’s time to brainstorm content ideas. There are several platforms over the internet, which you can use in this regard. To name a few, it would be HubSpot’s Website Grader, BlogAbout, HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator, Feedly, and BuzzSumo. 

Publish And Manage Your Content

As you have done all your homework, now it’s time to write and publish your content. Based on situational demands and what goes well with your audiences, you can select the content genre. Understanding what goes well with your readers, you can create Blog posts, Ebooks, Case studies, Templates, Infographics, Videos, and even Podcasts.

Once you are done producing the content, now it’s time to disseminate it. Find internet platforms, where your audiences spend most of their time. And targeting such platforms, you can run your marketing campaigns.

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