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Today, companies at all levels that depend on constant customer interaction and transportation require a fleet. When a company owns or leases a large number of vehicles, it is important to keep a good track and monitor them effectively. It is mandatory for the company to have constant updates on fuel, parts, inventory, driver, temperature, etc. This is where effective fleet management comes into action and smart Efleet Care services deliver just that.

Regularly measuring and monitoring the fleet’s performance remotely, not only sounds cool but is highly on-demand. By using proper devices and experts, we at Efleet Care help you measure and monitor your fleet performance. Our smart fleet management technology helps you keep track of each and every fleet metric like temperature, fuel, driving behavior monitoring, etc

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Complete Fleet Maintenance and Management Solution

Maintaining and monitoring a large-sized fleet can be a tedious task. Without proper fleet maintenance software, guidance and devices, a company can even fail to monitor and measure its fleet performance. Without a smart fleet maintenance and management system, the company might have to bear heavy losses and might even go bankrupt. So, considering fleet management as a small issue and neglecting it can turn out to be a great mistake.

Also, if your fleet size is huge then there is a higher chance of one or more vehicles being missed for regular maintenance, especially if you have a small team. You might need some extra hands for the job.

Efleet Care helps you through all that and provides even more. Our services are precise and effective. Through a small fleet maintenance software, Efleet Care aims to help companies with real-time fleet management.


Driver Behavior Analysis

Fleet drivers not only drive your vehicles around but are fully in charge of the vehicles during working hours. Without proper governance over them, the system might run into anarchy. This might result in vehicle misconduct, and even put the driver’s safety in jeopardy. Not to mention the degradation in the quality of service which will directly affect your company’s profits.

Some drivers might even dare to sell vehicle parts regularly. And if all your drivers start doing this, you might have to bear heavy losses. Using a company’s fleet for personal use, overspeeding, fuel theft, breaking traffic rules etc are some commonly reported fleet misconducts by drivers.

Controlling numerous drivers can be a hectic process if you are using a traditional fleet management system. You might have to check each and every vehicle regularly and maybe even inspect the drivers. But with our smart fleet management technology, all your driver data is stored and monitored regularly. Using smart fleet GPS tracking technologies and other devices, we track the place and time of the start of the journey, rapid acceleration, reckless braking, harsh cornering, vehicle halts location and duration, etc.

Using all this data, driver behaviour monitoring and analysis can be conducted on regular basis. A company can use this data to provide useful feedback and suggestions so that such activities don’t repeat or maybe even reward their drivers if they maintain a good record.


Efficient Fuel Management

Most of the expenses in a fleet system are due to fuel consumption. A vehicle might need petrol, diesel and electricity as fuel to run. The more your business blooms, the more fuel is consumed. So, it is important to have a proper fuel management system. Without it, your expenses can skyrocket in no time and you might be spending all your profits on fuel.

Efleet Care efficiently manages your fleet’s fuel consumption. The installed GPS trackers help you keep track of drivers’ activities in fuel consumption. Any gas station, traffic light and other halts etc are recorded. You can use this data to suggest your drivers turn off the engine during halts and stops so that the vehicles give better mileage.

Our e-fleet software also helps you take optimized or shortest paths for any journey. Considering several factors like distance, road condition, traffic, etc we devise a path intended towards saving both time and fuel. We also help you set up a fuel-efficient fleet system by using fuel cards. Fuel cars help keep track of fuel purchases, eliminate misuse of fuel cards, prevent fuel theft, and fuel consumption data.


Products Features


Temperature Monitoring

Efleet’s temperature trackers and cloud-based fleet management software makes temperature monitoring a piece of cake. Trackers also warn drivers and fleet managers on approaching critical temperature. This continuous alerting and updating system helps improve the service. In addition to monitoring temperature levels, our system also monitors humidity levels, defrost cycles, temperature fluctuations, power fluctuations or disconnections


Fleet Maintenance

Fuel like petrol, diesel or even electricity constitutes the major expenditure while running a vehicle. And when it comes to a fleet, the expense can skyrocket if there is no appropriate fuel management. Our fleet management system helps manage your fleet’s fuel consumption by selecting optimized driving routes, installing fuel cards & monitoring drive metrics like stops and durations.


Fuel Management

Fuel is not the only thing that requires expenditure when you use vehicle on a regular basis. Maintaining parts, inventories & vehicle is also important. Regular maintenance means you have to be ready for that expensive emergency repair. E-fleet Care’s smart fleet management software helps to provide advanced fleet maintenance. Using a database and alert system, managers realize approaching maintenance.


Driver Behavior

Each and every fleet system relies heavily on the driver’s behaviour. Reckless and harsh driving aspects like overspeeding, cornering and braking can not only put others life at jeopardy but also impact customer experience. Driver’s behaviour also directly affects the longevity of your vehicle. Efleet Care helps you keep track of driver’s behaviour and guide managers to take decisions so that any careless behaviour isn’t repeated again.


Route Planning

There can be various routes through which your fleet can reach their specific destinations. Choosing an efficient and optimal route can not only help save fuel but also can be a plus point in customer experience. Efleet Care’s route planning system allows you to select the optimal path considering factors like distance, road condition, traffic condition, etc. Each route may have its own specialty and choosing the appropriate one is what we do.


Vehicle Inspection

Regular vehicle inspections can reduce the risks of sudden emergency repairs that can cost a fortune. Efleet Care assists you by keeping track of all the maintenance & vehicle inspections. Eliminating all manual processes makes vehicle inspection efficient and reliable. Drivers can instantaneously update any issues with the vehicle using the mobile phone. This results in necessary actions to be taken & resolves all issues immediately.

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In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion.

Fleet management is a process that fleet managers use in order to manage all fleet and necessary information, from access to disposal. This enables companies to reduce their costs, improve fuel efficiency, and create a better customer experience by creating compliance. When a business relies on a large fleet, it becomes mandatory to keep precise track of everything, from temperature, time of arrival/departure to driving traits like overspeeding, harsh cornering, etc. Since people nowadays rely on online services and expect products to be delivered at their front door, the demand for fleet management has increased.

A fleet management system binds a group of vehicles for a sole purpose through cloud-based software and hardware like GPS trackers. First, all the necessary devices like GPS trackers are hardwired inside the vehicle with or without the consent of the driver. The cloud-based software is responsible for creating a network of these vehicles. A fleet manager or owner has complete control over these vehicles and is responsible for evaluating the received data. The devices update necessary information to the cloud in real-time. This data is stored and can be accessed by the fleet manager at any time. Updating the data in real-time allows the managers to send alert messages to their respective fleet drivers.

When a company relies on a huge number of vehicles for transportation or customer interaction, then managing it can become hectic. Since there can be numerous vehicles working simultaneously, it can be hard to keep track of their status. This is when a fleet management system comes into action. The benefits gained from the implementation of a fleet management system are:

  • Managers can keep track of essential metrics like accidents and safety, driver assignments, inspection results, odometer readings, etc. This can help them reduce the downtime and also efficiently allocate a budget on necessary components.
  • Companies and their fleet managers can monitor their driver behavior. Driving traits like harsh cornering, overspeeding, careless braking, etc can be recorded and actions can be taken accordingly.
  • A properly implemented fleet management system allows a company to efficiently manage fuel by selecting optimized driving routes, installing fuel cards, and monitoring drive metrics like stops and durations.

Fleet management software stores all the relative information on fleet performance and driver behavior. It uses a huge sophisticated database that allows managers to fetch data and take actions accordingly. This recording and reporting of the key attributes can help improve cost and work efficiencies. The quality, storage capacity, and features of a fleet management software vary according to each service provider. However, any complete software will have all the necessary features that you will need for optimum efficiency.

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