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Visitors’ behavior on the web isn’t that different from that of a customer window shopping in a mall. Online users peek through each new page, skim read every text, and click the very first link that catches their interest.

Today, visitors’ behavior on the web isn’t that different from that of a customer window shopping in a mall. Online users peek through each new page, skim read every text, and click the very first link that catches their interest.

An effective web design must be easy to navigate and certainly captivating with thematic visuals. After all, why compromise on your brand’s value with an unattractive design?

Tinysol is Australia’s most trusted and well-acclaimed web design and development company providing bespoke, search engine friendly and visually good web solutions. We create web designs with a fusion of visual imagery, colors, and typography that are stunning and aesthetically pleasing. Our talented in-house team of UI designers is well equipped with an interface design that can easily resonate with your users.

Web Design & Development?

Web Design, in simple words, describes the appearance, layout, and user experience of any website. It primarily focuses on the user aspect of the website by keeping website development aside. In website design, appearance encompasses colors, fonts, typography, and images, layout usually involves site architecture and functionality. A sound web design is easy to use and fits well on every device.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is created in a way that fits well with every device and browser space. Responsive web design is a fluid process. Thus, it responds well to changes in width and height by adjusting the placement of the layout with ease.

  • A responsive website offers a uniform and seamless user experience on all browser windows and mobile devices
  • Responsive web design is SEO friendly
  • Responsive web design is easy to implement
  • It offers consistency across every platform
  • It is best for search engine ranking

Designing a website is similar to designing the interiors of any house. A good web design works as a portfolio for any online business. It also highly influences the amount of time your visitor spends on your website.

Research & Analysis

The first phase of web designing involves identifying the goals and purpose of any business. It is arguably the most important phase of website designing as this sets a roadmap for the entire project.

The following questions need to be answered before proceeding to the next stage:

  • What is the nature of the business?
  • What is the primary aim of the website?
  • What are the key attributes of your brand?
  • Who are the existing competitors?

Sitemap and Wireframe 

An accurate sitemap works as a blueprint for a well-designed website. It provides both web designers and clients an idea about visual design and content ideas. Creating a wireframe can serve multiple purposes which can help your business in the long run

  • Connects the website’s structure with visual designs
  • Serves to allocate space for icons placement
  • Assists to identify intended functionality

Conceptual Elements

The design elements like color choices, typography, HTML and CSS styles, and logos are put together as per the client’s interest. Visual designs highly determine the look and feel of any website.

Quality visual contents and elements like images and videos are highly engaging, that contributes to bringing click and revenues. They also communicate well with the readers and enhance readability. So, designers well-size images and videos to save on page-load speed.

Once the design and content of the website are fixated, the next phase is testing. This phase encompasses steps like making sure the design is sleek on screen sizes with flexible grids and device width, and if not, fixing them. The page load speed is also taken into consideration to ensure that the webpage loads as fast as possible. The website is tested across every device to ensure that it is robust and runs with ease.


If the website passes through the test, and if the client is happy, the website becomes ready to hit the ground. While sometimes there may be some elements that need fixing, a few twists and tweaks can be done in no time.

Web designing is a fluid process, and it always requires pampering. Tinysol offers customer support solutions even after the website goes live because remember, your success is our success.

The content management system is a  web-based application that allows its user to build a website and manage its digital content.

Web Design & Development?

Highly Experienced and Leading Web Design Agency Australia

In today’s digital landscape, well-crafted web design works like a charm to build an influential online presence for your business. Studies show that about 38% of online visitors leave the site within 10 seconds of browsing if the layout is unappealing. 48% of people stated website design is the number one factor that determines the fate of any online business.

Tinysol, a renowned Website Design Agency Australia uses a user-centric approach towards designing that incorporates creativity, data, and technology to offer digital experiences that people love. We identify the key metrics of your website, add SEO tricks to attract more visitors and increase ROI.

Web Design & Development?

Get Designs That Attracts Conversions: Award-Winning Web Design Agency

Appearance is the most subjective element because it says a lot about your brand. A good looking website brings high conversion. Unlock a powerful combination of industry-led professional web design and unique storytelling that has never been witnessed before. A design that creates a clear conversion path for your users to follow and ultimately convert.

Based in New South Wales, we are a go-to web design agency/ company. Tinysol’s sweet spot is creating award-winning visual designs that speak eye to eye with your audience. As an award-winning design agency, we mold our designs with a fusion of both experience and expertise to build a highly functional website.

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In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion.

We follow an intensive process for all our website designs. You can explore our web designing approach by looking at the Our Processsection.

A responsive design works based on three core principles:


  • Fluid Grid Systems


It uses the concept of relative sizes for browser support on both desktop and mobile phones. The layouts are displayed based on the device the user is using to access the website.


  • Fluid Image Use


It uses the concept of scale to fit. This prevents images from being stretched when the website is accessed from devices like tablets, ipads, and desktops. It also eliminates the degradation of image quality.


  • Media Queries


It focuses on the multiple column layouts and site architecture of the website. This ensures that the layouts fit perfectly in both portrait and landscape mode.

Though web design and graphic design displays beautiful visuals, both are two different areas of expertise. Web design is more focused on user experience, while graphic design is focused on visual appeal. Web design requires HTML and CSS programming, unlike graphic design.

There are many aspects of web design, but the points listed below are the must-knows:

  • Clear and concise design
  • SEO optimized responsive images
  • Site navigation placement and design should be visible and accessible
  • Consistent logo and font sizes on every web pages
  • The use of color codes should offer readability and reading comfort

There are lots of web design and digital agencies in Australia, but there is only one like Tinysol. We have been working with companies in different areas of the market. This allows us to assist you in making the right decision to avoid pitfalls. Most importantly, we treat your business like our own.

Our services are not only limited to custom web design and development. We provide a full range of services like Enterprise SEO, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce SEO for online stores, along with Digital Marketing.

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