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Seeking ways to Increase Website Traffic and rank your site? Website indeed is the best way to cater to digital audiences and make a presence in the online ecosystem.

But if your website is not getting traffic, expecting sales and conversions from it is rather far-fetched. Instead of being an income-generating tool, your website will be nothing more than bloat on the internet.

But you don’t have to worry just yet. Following some basic tasks (and some complicated ones) to Increase Website Traffic and skyrocket your sales and conversions.

Here, we will discuss some important ways to Increase Website Traffic and create an upsurge in sales/conversions through SEO.

How to Increase Website Traffic with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines are a great tool to Increase Website Traffic. Traffic from search engines is most likely to bring sales and conversion and research has proved that as well. So ranking well in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. can help you Increase Website Traffic.

Here are a few tips on how you can make a strong presence in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Improve Your On-Page SEO

If you are willing to rank a page for certain keywords, you’ll need to present it in a way such that search engines would find your page relevant for that particular keyword. There is no hard and fast rule that guarantees the ranking for that keyword.

Search engines have hundreds of ranking factors. So on-page SEO tricks won’t rank your pages straightaway. However, by adopting the following steps, you can Increase Website Traffic and make your site eligible to rank for it.

  • Use the keyword in the SEO Title and optimize it
  • Proper use of keywords in the meta description and keep it within 150-160 characters
  • Make URLs SEO-friendly by optimizing the slug for the targeted keywords
  • Use of keywords and their variants as the headlines throughout the website
  • Put the targeted keyword in the image file name and on the alt tags

Research New Keywords

Different people have different ways of searching for things online. So while searching for the same thing, the search query may differ. So to capitalize on all the search terms, one always needs to research new keywords.

The new keywords have to encompass a variety of search terms that are relevant to your product and industry. But finding keywords is never sufficient. You also have to include them contextually inside the content.

It should be included in such a way that the content should not look like a pile of overstuffed keywords. The new content should also try to serve that search intent.

Use Long-Tail Keywords in the Content and Optimize it

Generic terms usually have a high search volume. And it can be lucrative if you could capitalize on all the traffic on these keywords. But these kinds of search queries usually have a high level of competition, which makes it harder to rank.

Instead, you should focus on the long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are the type of keywords, which specifically include the types of products and services you are offering.

These kinds of keywords are easier to rank and highly likely to Increase Website Traffic.

Take Ideas from Competitors’ Keyword Strategy

In SEO, you can get to learn a lot from your competitors’ keyword strategy, especially, from those who are ranking high on SERPs. You can use their tactics; make changes and alterations to cater exactly to your target audience.

It is hard to beat your competitors if you are following the same exact strategy to Increase Website Traffic. So taking ideas from their strategy, you will need to build and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy to rank on those keywords.

Write comprehensive yet compelling content that covers your target keywords

With comprehensive keyword research including long-tail keywords and competitors’ keywords, write compelling content that encompasses all the relevant information based on the topic.

The content should be eloquently written and easily readable amongst the targeted populace. But while writing content, the keyword should be evenly distributed throughout the content.

Also, the keyword density should be well within the limits. Suitable images and infographics relevant to the topic should be included in the content, if possible. Putting images on the website strengthens the page’s position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

So keeping an in-house writer and graphics designer for content writing and graphics designing works might be beneficial for you. Or you can save yourselves from all the hassles by hiring a freelancer.

Update old content

Everything is dynamic and things change with time. So taking note of the changes in search trends, your business, and your products/services, you will have to update it in a regular fashion. It should essentially include new and fresh information.

At the same time, you will have to focus on removing or updating obsolete information. It definitely helps to improve user experience, as users will always encounter fresh content.

At the same time, you will also have higher chances of ranking as search engines like new, fresh, and updated content.

Create new content in a regular fashion

Similarly, you will also have to add new content to the websites in a timely fashion. It shows your website activeness to the search engine. Also, having new content increases the chances of ranking on multiple search results.

If you build a habit of publishing content on a regular interval, audiences will start expecting it. This way, you can increase readership and finally expect an increase in website traffic.

Internally Link Your Content

A website must be so structured that every page on the website should be reachable within three or fewer clicks. This can be achieved by internally linking the pages on the website. Internal linking helps to decrease the bounce rate and help to increase total page views.

While providing internal links, the web page also passes some link juice to the destination pages. However, to achieve that, there should be a proper use of the anchor tags.

Run Link Building Campaigns

If you get links from websites other than your own, such links are called backlinks. These kinds of links add value to the destination pages and your website. So building backlinks would be another step forward to strengthening your position in the search engine result pages.

You can get these kinds of links by writing guest posts on niche high-authority websites. Having links to popular high-authority websites have two major advantages. If it’s popular, you will get some referral traffic from such websites.

In addition to that, the search engine considers your web pages relevant to the topic and suitably uplifts the rankings.

How to Increase Website Traffic through (SEO)?

In a nutshell, the following are some of the important SEO tricks to Increase Website Traffic.

  • Improve Your On-Page SEO
  • Research New Keywords
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords in the Content and Optimize it
  • Take Ideas from Competitors’ Keyword Strategy
  • Write comprehensive yet compelling content that covers your target keywords
  • Update old content
  • Create new content in a regular fashion
  • Internally Link Your Content
  • Run Link Building Campaigns
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