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Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. As of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users. We can say that almost half of the world’s population has a Facebook account. The easy UI has made Facebook accessible to people of all age groups.

If you are a regular Facebook user, you must have come across ads(some being fruitful and some totally irrelative). All these ads are brought up to you by the Facebook Advertising Campaign. This is a global digital campaign where businesses pay Facebook to boost their advertisements to more users.  Facebook’s ad campaign is not just for big companies and brands. You can be a part of it to attract starving crowds for your local business. At Tinysol, we help you make good use of the world’s biggest social media platform by running the most effective marketing campaigns. As the best Facebook Ad Agency Australia has to offer, we always delivered great results.

Note:- If you have any queries regarding Facebook ads GST then go through our FAQs.


It is a platform under Facebook that allows us to present our products and services to targeted audiences through paid advertisements and posts. Facebook Advertising is a planned social media marketing strategy that includes everything from appealing content creation to distribution.

Presenting your brand to more people means more incoming customers resulting in huge profit. Hence, more and more companies rely on Facebook advertising to reach out to more audiences. It is not only efficient but also reliable, easy, and highly effective. The basic rule of marketing is simple if you want to advertise your brand, do it on the biggest platform.

When you set up a new business or company, your first priority is to reach out to as many people as possible. If you use traditional marketing methods like magazines, billboards, and cold calling in today’s world, this can be hectic. So you might need at least a year to set up your brand on a low-scale level. This is where Facebook ads come into play.

With a price as low as $0.97 per click and $7.19 per 1000 impressions, you can bring out your product to a huge targeted audience.

Now, this audience is not a group of random people. Instead, Facebook only presents your ads to specific users through its sophisticated algorithm. This feature comes in handy when your products and services are used by a specific group of people. 

Facebook offers two important elements that allow them to stand out from any other social media marketing channels in the world:

  •  The user base of around 2 billion users.
  •  It’s the ability to hold the user’s attention. An average adult spends 38 minutes on Facebook every day.


Run Facebook Campaign with Smart Targeting For Incredible Results

Facebook generalizes people’s interest through page likes, searches and views. But these generalized interests can be musty or misrepresented. For example, if someone visits a Facebook page doesn’t mean they’re interested in the product that the page is offering.

Hence, you have to narrow down interests because Facebook lacks this determination. As a marketer, you have to go beyond generalized Facebook interests to get a more interested audience. Also, if you target your ad by a custom audience rather than by category or interest, both cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion is lower.

To get better results from your Facebook ad targeting, layer your interests, benchmark off other related companies, and get answers directly from prospects using Quora. As the leading Facebook Advertising Agency Australia, Tinysol helps you target the right audience for your company through effective ad campaigns on Facebook.


Stop Giving Your Leads To Competitors: Facebook Marketing Agency Australia That Will Secure Your Leads

Customers are valuable assets to any business. Today, when digital marketing has become a rat race, every business must prevent the loss of these assets. But one way or the other you are going to get tough competition for customers if you run a business. As leading Facebook Ads Agency Australia, we help you generate and preserve these leads for the long run.

You can use Facebook lead ads to collect information and identify potential customers for your business.

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Facts About Facebook Advertising That Accelerates Your Business

1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily.

Despite people urging to use social media less and less every day, the statistics show otherwise. Every year the number of users is increasing rapidly and by the year 2050, almost everyone will be an active user. So, why not choose Facebook as your primary advertising platform?

94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile

Most people tend to use Facebook on their smartphones. Using Facebook on a smartphone is easier for obvious reasons. This reminds us that you should optimize all of your social media content to be as mobile-friendly as possible.

Facebook users are 4x more likely to watch live streams than recorded videos

Live streams are popular on Facebook in the form of news, game streams, etc. Most of the live streamers have switched from official streaming sites to Facebook. People of all age ranges prefer live streams over recorded videos because of their originality and spontaneity. This also means that an ad presented during a live stream brings more revenue than that in a recorded video.

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In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion.

The key point is narrowing down your targeted audience. Effective targeting is key to maximizing ROI—and Facebook Ads Manager allows you plenty of ways to target an audience. Choosing proper device type, platforms and placement also helps your ad work more effectively.  

Facebook advertisements reach out to an exact audience and this is what makes them so effective. 

When people sign up for Facebook and create their profile, they submit data like their age, hobbies, location, etc. The data is stored for a purpose. People’s age, interests, behavior, and location are considered before bringing up a relative ad in their newsfeed or story. This way, most of the time people only see ads that interest them.

For example, Facebook won’t automatically display ads regarding hotels and travel destinations on an irrelevant user.  

The one and the only reason to advertise on Facebook is the amount of active audience. If more people see your ad, there is a higher chance of a click leading to a purchase. Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, website traffic, brand awareness, and leads. 

Since advertising on Facebook is measurable, the numbers will speak for themselves. You will get exact numbers indicating the impact of Facebook ads on your incoming traffic. Facebook is the best B2C marketing platform that is available today.    

If you are facing any difficulties as an advertiser, you can email Facebook support directly at advertise@fb.com. You can also fill out Facebook’s Contact Our Support Team form. You will find it on their Facebook for Business resource page.

Since Facebook has a low CPC of around $0.97, there is no harm in investing a few bucks if it guarantees a larger audience. You only have to pay $7.19 for your ad to appear on 1000 newsfeeds(CPM). How cool is that? If you had to present your product outside of Facebook to 1000 users then you probably would have to organize a seminar.

Facebook advertisement does not ask for your GSTIN. Let’s just say that it is an optional entry.

The GST charges for Facebook advertising differ by region. It is important to go through the documentation before running a Facebook ad campaign. 

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