About us – Tinysol: A complete IT solution & service provider

In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion of the internet in recent times. This encroachment of technology has also changed the human lifestyle in different ways. With a capable smartphone in hand and access to the internet, finding things online, inquiring and purchasing goods and services, advertising, selling, or purchasing products and services have now been at our fingertips. These days, students also fancy taking online classes rather than visiting schools and colleges. So in order to cater to customers with affliction to digital devices and the internet and to run the business and organization smoothly, following the digital path is quite inevitable. And to help you through in that endeavour, Tinysol has been providing complete IT solutions for business and service-based organizations for over a decade now.

Our Mission

To build a quality and comprehensive technology infrastructure, drive the masses to the digital and technology-facilitated environment, establish and maintain operational conditions that deliver prompt, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable technology services.

In today’s time, simplifying the IT infrastructure and optimizing them from end to end is the only way to ensure the efficient operation of the business. By creating an IT infrastructure, businesses and organizations can enhance employee productivity, collaborate effectively with the partners, and encourage growth. Understanding the benefits and needs of the digital way of doing business in today’s time, Tinysol strives to provide a complete IT solution for business and service-based organizations.

Making quality and productivity-based software to enhance productivity and increase organizational efficiency is one of the aspects, where we are really good at. To cater to mobile users and to make the system remotely accessible, we also develop mobile apps with result-oriented UX and UI.

Interactive and user-friendly web design and development is another major service we offer. In order to make the company visible in the online eco-system, we create themes that best match the company’s line of work. Furthermore, with our comprehensive digital marketing strategy incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, we increase traffic to the website and increase sales/conversions. For this, we also use effective content writing and managing tactics combining visually appealing and informative images, logos, and infographics.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the Information Technology (IT) sector helping companies build IT infrastructure, making progressive strategies, creating and developing effective systems for efficient operation, assisting in operational solution, and consulting.

Technology is making big strides in recent times. In the past couple of decades, we saw a huge leap in the IT sector. And it’s surely going to reach heights in the coming years. There are still so many companies, which are relying on paper-based management systems and believing old-school marketing techniques. Many organizations have not yet realized how efficient and cost-effective solutions they can get just by incorporating suitable IT infrastructure.

But things are going to change. People are exploring the internet with a broader perspective apart from browsing social media for entertainment purposes. Mobile phones are being used for plenty of other reasons other than making voice calls and sending SMSes. Similarly, laptops and computers are no longer limited to making spreadsheets and presentations. These days, we can witness adults chilling on Netflix and Amazon Prime and kids taking their online classes.

Taking notes of these kinds of changes in our behaviour, we can presume information technology indeed has big things up its sleeves. Taking note of the trend, we strive to design and develop sophisticated and efficient IT infrastructure and channel the target groups to the digital ecosystem.

Our History

Tinysol’s history dates back to the early 2010s. It was during the time when Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s first iPad, Android was still in a sapling stage, Blackberry was still at its peak, and the use of social media like Facebook was not as extensive. We also see manufacturers bringing innovative products like Web TVs. The internet was not so expansive. Even in those challenging times, we believed in Information Technology (IT) and started providing IT services for business organizations.

In the early 2010s, people were still unaware of the technology and how it can be employed for good purposes. Companies were still relying on paper-based systems and old-school methods to run the organizations. So to make the company’s operations smooth and to help business owners run their organizations that generate maximum profits, Tinysol chipped in. And our first stop was educating and making people aware of the benefits of technology. It wasn’t an easy job. Yet we did not give up.

We put our best efforts to help businesses build efficient IT infrastructure and increase their revenue. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition from the traditional system to a digital-based ecosystem, our first stop was making interactive and user-friendly website design, developing it, building intuitive and feature-packed apps, etc.

As the social media platform grew in size with a large number of daily active users, we stepped our foot in the Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) sector. After that, we started providing a full-fledged digital marketing service with SEO, Email Marketing, Ad campaigns, boosting, etc.

How We Work


Get A Quote

Interested in our service? Give us a call, send us an email, or simply fill up the quote form on our website with the service you want. We will revert to you and discuss the matter.


Team Planning

To have a clear understanding and to avoid any ambiguity or confusion on both ends, we set up a meeting where ideas are planned, discussed, and finalized.


Final & Testing

Proceeding as discussed, we complete the project before the deadline. To avoid any bugs or errors, we perform rigorous testing and making the project flawless.

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