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Have you ever landed upon an exhilarating website and wished that you had a similar one for your business or company? But after putting in some research you must have found that building great websites and web apps not only is exorbitant but is a hectic process. It requires a huge team. But with Tinysol, Australia’s leading web development agency, you can have great websites for you and your company at reasonable prices.

Experts in the field of web development work for our digital marketing agency to deliver optimal web development SEO services. Your brand represents your company and a website represents your brand on the internet. Having a great website means directly increasing sales and revenue. There is no rocket science behind this.

We also focus on website maintenance to bring your downtime as close to null as possible. So, you can trust Tinysol, Australia’s leading web development agency to enhance your brand value and create trust which in turn has a major impact on sales.

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing strategies for 2020

Web development is the process of creating, testing, and implementing websites. It involves a whole bunch of coding and a huge team of developers working together for a seamless user experience. Web development also includes other vital tasks such as web engineering, web design, client-side/server-side scripting, hosting, creating web APIs, etc. All this requires experts from different fields to work hand in hand.

Tinysol’s team of web developers follow standard methods like Agile Web Development for higher customer satisfaction. Since a website is an online identity of any company, having a beautiful, effective and highly functional website is important. Your website is the basic medium through which your customers can connect to you. So we leave no stones unturned in developing the best websites for our clients.

The question should be why not? Each and every company today has a website. Companies consider professional web development as a major part of their success and popularity.

When you have a company that provides products and services, you will definitely need people’s attention and acknowledgment. A website is the best way to do so. This is the digital era and not being present on the digital level will certainly leave you behind and hamper your growth. On the other hand, web development is not child’s play. It requires a proper marketing strategy and multiple testing.

Tinysol, an online marketing agency in Australia guarantees to do all the hard work for you so that you or your company can have a great website. We provide you with responsive and adaptive websites with great UI.

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing strategies for 2020

Professional Web Development for Optimal Performance: A Website Development Agency That Delivers

Your website or web app plays an important role in generating revenue for your company. Our web development experts hand over a responsive, user-friendly and attractive website to our clients in no time. The SEO experts also work in making the websites rank top of search results by implementing best SEO practices and tools. With our professional development and maintenance, your websites will hardly ever go down.

Our team is proficient in both frontend and backend development. This means that not only will the site visitors have a great experience but the website will always remain updated and functional. We develop websites and web apps considering all your needs like lead generation, conversion, brand awareness and others. Since creating and maintaining websites for huge businesses can be a tough job, we at Tinysol, lift that burden up from your shoulders. As the best website development agency in Sydney, we help you in representing your company digitally through a visually appealing and comprehensive website or web app.

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing strategies for 2020

Make Your Brand Bigger with Leading Web Development Experts

Websites not only help you connect with your customers but can also contribute to brand awareness. Having a well-developed and functional website creates a heavy impact on user experience and trust. Implementing forms, CTA buttons, contact information, etc on your website helps you connect strongly with your customers.

But don’t worry, Tinysol takes care of all that for you. Our websites contain everything that you expect from a truly professional website. Having an attractive and functional website is not enough. Whenever a user makes a search for a relative keyword, your website must appear on the top of the search result. This directly indicates how big of a brand you are. Our team of web development experts along with SEO experts deliver that exact result to you using all necessary SEO tools and practices.

Our web development experts collect all the necessary information from you, before beginning the web development process. As the best web development agency in Australia, we leave no stones unturned to make sure that the website doesn’t miss out on any service, features and products that your company is offering. As one of the leading Australian web development companies, we make sure that you are never disappointed in our products

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Ads Management Services That Skyrocket your Business Growth

Google Ads Management

Google ads focus primarily on lead conversion and are for large publishers who have significant direct sales. Since it is the most used search engine, your ads are displayed to a larger audience. Google ads manager supports multiple ad networks including AdSense, AdWords, Ad Exchange, and third-party networks.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook advertising focuses on brand outreach and ads are shown to the users based on their interests. Facebook Ads management allows you to target your audience based on age, location, gender, interests, etc. With your ads running on the largest social media site, you won’t have to worry about sales revenue and brand awareness.

Display Ads Management

Display ads are shown on websites, including banners, overlays, and rich media ads. There are different third party agencies that manage display ads to drive both brand awareness and direct responses. Display ads rely on graphics like images and videos which tend to be more effective.


Remarketing allows you to connect to people who previously visited your website or web app. You can display ads to your old visitors as they browse Google or its partner websites. This increases brand awareness and makes sure that your brand is not obliterated. You can remarket your brand through video ads and other standard forms of ads.

Bing Ads Management

Bing ads don’t give you as much volume as Google ads but the ROI is almost 35% better. Bing ads tend to be a lot cheaper than their counterpart, Google ads. Bing ads allow you to post ads with no minimum fee, measure performance, and only pay for clicks.

Search Marketing Management

Search marketing means increasing the visibility of your brand or website whenever a relative product’s search is made on a search engine like Google or Bing. This is the purest form of internet marketing and can also incorporate SEO(search engine optimization).

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Prioritize Pages

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Technical SEO

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Quality Backlinks

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In the past couple of decades, there have been unprecedented advancements in technology. We also encountered a rapid evolution of digital devices and the vast expansion.

Web development is a sophisticated process that requires step by step coordination and team play. Developers who are proficient in programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript(including its frameworks), Python, PHP, and database management systems like MYSQL. At a low level, a single full stack developer can master all these fields and provide good results. But when it comes to a bigger web app that should access, store, and retrieve huge amounts of data, a complete team is needed.

Front-end development is the process of creating the client-side of the website that the user interacts with. It includes components like fonts, colors, display patterns, etc, and is developed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Nowadays frontend frameworks like Bootstrap are also being used.

On the other hand,  backend development is handling all the “behind the scenes” of the website or web app. This is the background space where all the hassle is going on. The backend consists of a server, an application, and a database.

Web development means a team of front-end and back-end developers coming up with new ideas, designing, implementing, and testing them repeatedly. To be precise, Web development includes the following steps:<

  1. Gathering Information,
  2. Proper Planning,
  3. Designing,
  4. Content Writing and Assembly,
  5. Coding,
  6. Testing,
  7. Review
  8. Launch
  9. Maintenance.

Sometimes the developers might also have to release the beta version of a web app to receive early feedback

Web designing is the initial level of web development where designers design and wireframe the layout of any web app. Designers use software like Photoshop to visually conceptualize how the website should look. But since this design is not in a coded format, it doesn’t give a functional website. This is where web development comes into play.

Web development commences by converting the design to a layout. Frontend developers use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create this layout. Then backend developers add functionality to access databases, servers, etc. We can also argue that web designing is a part of web development.

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