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Planning for outsourcing content creation? More than 30 percent of B2-B business owners said that they have employed outsiders for helping some part of their content marketing. The recent research report of Semrush shows that you are not alone in who is trying to outsource content marketing efforts.

Outsourcing Content Creation either by choosing a content marketing agency or partnering up with freelance writers can ease your burden of work. You will have more time to work on larger projects for your business and you can create more content more often than you would.

If you were just cramming it into your busy and hectic schedule, the same research done by Semrush, as I mentioned above shows that B2-B businesses mainly focus on Content Writing Outsourcing.

Award-Winning Tips for Outsourcing Content Creation

You can hire outside professional writers, and content creators to work on various projects such as graphics, videos, animations, auditing, research, content editing, paraphrasing, etc., and many other aspects of your content marketing strategy.

Maybe you don’t have much time for handing over your precious content to someone else. It might seem a bit scary but it doesn’t have to be. We have got some tips for Outsourcing Content Creation so you can be confident in your decision.

1. Check out the content, take some time to identify your content

You may need a house team to handle everything from Outsourcing Content Creation to promotion. Or maybe you just need one person to shoot and edit videos for you. If you get an idea of what you want from a content marketer, it can help you narrow down your options to the people who have the right skills.

Before you spend lots of hours looking for the best fit, you need to give some time to identify the current bottlenecks in your content process and what tasks are too time-consuming for you and your marketing team members.

If you lack a certain level of expertise to get your chores done, then you have come to the right place. Looking to hire an outside person to get better results. You don’t have to spend your marketing budget on a huge team of content marketers.

All you need is someone to do just keyword research and you surely would not want to hire a freelancer only to realize later that you actually needed a content marketing agency’s help: TinySol IT Solutions, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Australia.

2. Outline your Budget

One of the most remarkable ways to whittle down that list of potential Outsourcing Content Creation options is to figure out which ones fit your budget. Just keep in mind that cheaper is not always the best option for you.

You might save a few dollars upfront going with the cheaper option but a bigger investment may have a larger return. If you choose a freelancer or a content marketing agency like TinySol IT Solutions that knows what they are doing.

You may have to spend a big amount to get the unique content. The cost of your content depends on your requirements. Some content creators usually ask to pay only one to two dollars per word while others may ask to pay thousands for a page of content.

On average small to mid-sized businesses spend about two thousand to ten thousand dollars every month for website content. If you are working with a designer or a video editor for something more specialized and time-consuming you should expect to pay a bit more using video.

As an example, you may pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over six thousand dollars for each piece of content. Since larger videos require more time, a larger crew, and significantly more planning, your bill may be smaller if you choose only Outsourcing Content Creation.

3. Hire a Freelancer or a Content Marketing Agency

Do you need lots of manpower to rank your content on Google? If you are looking for a team with a diverse set of skills to manage your content-making, an agency is probably the best choice.

If one point of contact with an agency does not have an immediate answer on a certain topic, they can reveal the expertise of their team to figure out a solution that works for you.

If you just need someone to handle one type of task or you don’t have an overwhelming amount of work to give your outsourced content creation teams then a freelance writer may provide what you need.

Good communication between an agency and a freelancer is very important. With a content marketing agency, you will probably have an account manager who coordinates your content marketing with a larger team.

Freelancers are a bit different, you will likely communicate directly with a person who writes your high-quality content, or blog posts makes your videos, or performs any other tasks for you. Also, you need to understand what you may want for your business in the future.

You might start with Outsourcing Content Creation but before you decide that you want to outsource your social media marketing, email marketing, content production, or any other channels that generate revenue.

4. Analyze the Quality of Past Work

Whether you hire content creators from an agency or go with a freelance writer for Outsourcing Content Creation, you need to make sure you are okay with what they have done for other clients. Reviews are a great place to start, they may have some other websites but don’t stop there.

You need to have a look at third-party review tools like google my business. If you found your freelancer on sites like fiver or Upwork, check out the reviews there. If the team member or person you want to hire has an online portfolio and evaluate it yourself.

If you notice a lot of errors or just don’t like their content ideas, keep looking. You may ask directly to send previously published writing samples.

Final Wrap up

Here are some of the most effective tips for Outsourcing Content Creation. I hope you find the post informative and helpful. If you have any queries regarding this post, please don’t forget to leave your remarks.

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